Community Participation with Anytime Friends Social Club

 At Riverlink, we are dedicated to fostering community participation and enhancing the social skills of individuals with disabilities through our Anytime Friends Social Club. Our aim is to provide engaging social opportunities that enrich lives and create lasting memories.

Connecting and Creating Memories

Life is truly vibrant when shared with others, and at Riverlink, we understand the importance of social interactions. The Anytime Friends Social Club is designed to support adults with disabilities by providing them with a safe and nurturing environment to socialise, make new friends, and explore exciting places.

Our Individual Support program invites you to join the Anytime Friends Social Club and take part in a variety of activities that are both fun and engaging. With a rotating fortnightly roster, members have endless opportunities to enjoy social outings and build lifelong friendships.

Expand Your Horizons

Living with a disability should not limit your goals or experiences. Riverlink supports you in achieving your goals through experiences that extend beyond the everyday norm. We believe in expanding horizons and opening new doors to possibilities.

Make New Friends

There’s nothing quite like spending time with friends to warm the heart. Our support enables you to socialise more and build meaningful relationships, whether it’s during activities at one of our centres or out in the community.

Live Your Best Life

At Riverlink, we encourage looking beyond your normal day to day life and to embrace every day with optimism and enthusiasm. Our services are tailored to help you build your skills and capacity, ensuring that you live your best life.

Anytime Friends Social Club: Fresh Activities Monthly

Each month, the Anytime Friends Social Club offers personalised activities based on the interests of our members. From enjoying the diverse flavours of international cuisines at various restaurants to relaxing with a picnic in picturesque parks, the opportunities to enjoy and explore are limitless.

Here are some activities that our members enjoy:

Global Culinary Delights: Taste the world as we visit different restaurants, experiencing a variety of cultures through their cuisines.

Picnic Lunches: Enjoy the serenity of nature with a picnic lunch in a beautiful park, perfect for relaxation and casual conversations.

Sydney Harbour Sightseeing: Take in the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, exploring its iconic landmarks and scenic beauty.

Bowling Competitions: Engage in some friendly competition and laughter with our bowling outings.

Join Us Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your social connections and create lasting memories. Contact Riverlink today to learn more about the Anytime Friends Social Club and how you can be a part of this vibrant community. Join us to connect, create, and cherish unforgettable moments together.

For more information or to become a member of the Anytime Friends Social Club, contact Riverlink today. Let us help you embark on this exciting journey of community participation and social engagement.|