The Riverlink Cottage Makeover

Group of young people stand indoors in front of a mural, smiling at the camera. Below, a colorful mural depicts a whimsical town with roads connecting various buildings and landmarks.

Transforming Spaces, Enriching Lives

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and creativity, Riverlink Cottage has undergone a transformation that not only beautified the space but also enriched the lives of the children it serves. This remarkable change was made possible thanks to the dedication of student volunteers from the UNSW Science Society, who spent a weekend turning the children’s respite home into a vibrant and welcoming environment.

A Colourful Collaboration

The transformation project at Riverlink Cottage was not just about adding a splash of paint; it was about creating a sanctuary for children with disabilities. Over the last couple of months, Riverlink has been working in partnership with these talented student volunteers to plan and execute a series of beautiful murals within the cottage. These artworks, ranging from dynamic sports themes to serene landscapes, have turned the walls into sources of inspiration and joy for everyone who walks through the doors.

The effort was led by a group of 35 enthusiastic student mural artists who dedicated their time and skills to make this project a success. Their work has not only beautified the space but also demonstrated the profound impact of volunteerism. One student volunteer director reflected on the experience, saying, “We thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, we all really enjoyed painting the murals. We hope all the children love the finished products as much as we do!” Indeed, the smiles and excitement of the children in front of these new murals were a testament to the project’s success.

More Than Just a Respite Home

Riverlink Cottage is more than just a place for respite; it’s a crucial part of the community that offers comprehensive support to families and carers of children with disabilities. Located in the heart of Sydney, NSW, Riverlink Cottage provides tailored care plans and a range of respite options including overnight stays, school holiday sessions, and short stays with a minimum duration of three hours.

Understanding that each child has unique needs, Riverlink’s compassionate team collaborates with families to create individualised care plans. This personalised approach ensures that every aspect of a child’s NDIS plan is addressed, enhancing their experience and supporting their development in a safe and nurturing environment. Our facility is equipped to handle various needs, including those of children who may have autism or other additional requirements, ensuring a comforting and supportive stay for all.

Dynamic Activities and Social Opportunities

At Riverlink Cottage, the aim is to provide a dynamic environment where children can thrive. The facility offers a range of activities designed to foster independence and social interaction. From inclusive music classes and arts and crafts to puzzles and community participation activities, each child is encouraged to engage at their own pace in a fun and supportive setting.

The transformation of Riverlink Cottage with these engaging murals has also added a new layer of stimulation and joy to these activities, making the environment even more conducive to learning and interaction.

Embrace Expert Respite Care

For families and carers, knowing that their loved ones are in expert hands provides immense relief. Whether it’s a few hours needed during the day, a full weekend, or emergency respite care, Riverlink Cottage’s dedicated team is ready to assist. As a Not For Profit, NDIS registered provider, we are committed to supporting the carer community in Sydney and surrounding areas by providing high-quality care and peace of mind.

Join Us in Supporting Riverlink Cottage

This transformation project is just one of the many ways Riverlink Cottage continues to serve and support the community. We invite you to learn more about our services and consider how you or your loved one might benefit from this vital resource.

Experience the new Riverlink Cottage and see firsthand how a transformed space can lead to enriched lives. Contact us today to discuss your respite care needs.