Expert Respite Care for Children at Riverlink Cottage

A Safe Haven for Children with Disabilities

Riverlink Cottage offers a dedicated respite service for children and young people with disabilities, providing short-term accommodation in a secure and nurturing environment. Formerly known as Kingsdene and managed by Anglicare, our purpose-built facility is designed to give carers a well-deserved break, while ensuring that children receive the highest level of care.


Personalised Support in a Homely Setting

Riverlink Cottage is equipped with a variety of amenities, including a backyard complete with a trampoline and swings, designed to offer both fun and relaxation. Our facility ensures a home-like atmosphere where children can enjoy engaging activities and social interaction.


Key Features and Services

Overnight, Weekday, and Weekend Respite

We offer flexible respite options that include overnight stays, as well as care during weekdays and weekends. Whether it’s just for one night or for a longer stay, Riverlink Cottage is prepared to support your family’s needs.


Safe and Supportive Environment

Our cottage is purpose-built to ensure safety and comfort. Our staff are trained and compassionate, dedicating themselves to provide a supportive and caring environment during each child’s stay.


Individualised Care Plans

Recognising that each child has unique needs, our team collaborates closely with participants and their families to develop personalized care plans. This tailored approach ensures that all care provided meets the specific needs and preferences of each child.


Engaging Activities and Social Interaction

At Riverlink Cottage, we believe in the importance of social interaction and personal development. Our program includes a variety of engaging activities designed to promote social skills and provide a fun and enriching experience for all children.


Specialised Respite Care for Children with Disabilities

Riverlink Cottage caters specifically to children and young individuals aged between five and 17 years, offering them a place where they can be themselves and enjoy a break from the daily routines. Our services are focused on providing respite for both the children and their families, allowing everyone the chance to recharge.


Discover Riverlink Cottage Today

Experience the relief and peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is cared for in a loving, supportive environment. Contact Riverlink today to learn more about our respite services at Riverlink Cottage or to discuss your specific respite care needs. Give yourself and your child the gift of a refreshing break and the opportunity to recharge and refresh.


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